Computer Repair Services and Prices

All computers will eventually need services and repairs.

There are some user services that can be performed by those with average computer knowledge; however, repairs are best left to professional technicians. Indeed, most people do not know that the computer must be opened and physically cleaned at least once per year. Dust collection traps heat inside the computer’s case. Excess heat affects the stable operation of electronic components, and can lead to their ultimate demise. So remember clean your computer and make sure the air vents are not blocked.

This is one way to avoid costly computer repairs, Also even if your not having any major problems it’s a good idea to have a computer technician come out and check your computer for any problems that have not actually shown up yet, a good maintenance schedule would be once every year for home users and once every 6 months for business systems. A small charge for maintenance now could help you avoid a costly repair in the future.

Some of the more common computer repair service prices are based on hourly technician costs. Typical hourly rates range from seventy five dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars per hour. However, after the initial hour, some companies will begin billing at rates based on the closest five or ten minute increment. These rates are further affected by the size of the company hired to perform computer repairs or services. Additionally, some companies offer flat rate charges for various services. And always remember you get what you pay for, the lowest price is not always your best option.

Common Services

Common services include software installation, operating system upgrades, setting up a new PC, network setup, file and data backup/recovery, memory upgrading, upgrading/adding a hard drive or optical drive to the system, installation of computer case fans and processor coolers, video card installation, and physically cleaning the inside of the computer. These services are performed on working computer systems, and will usually take two to three hours. Services such as these will cost around $160.00, depending upon the technician’s hourly rate. Moreover, some service and repair companies will offer a coupon discount for first-time customers, and may even offer promotional discounts at various times.

Common Repairs

The most common repair problems are due to viruses, spyware and electronic maintenance issues like hard drive defragmentation and Windows registry problems. Blue screen errors, printer problems, error messages, internet connectivity issues and computer freeze-ups are also typical repair problems. Electronic maintenance typically takes two to four hours to complete, and can cost from $120.00 to $250.00. Virus and spyware removal costs are dependent upon the seriousness of the infection and the magnitude of the damage they caused to system files and data. Costs can run from $75.00 to more than $300.00 for severe cases. Connectivity issues and error messages can take several hours to fix. Costs for these repairs usually run from $80.00 to $175.00.

Apple Computers

Macs can be wonderful computers, however as most mac owners know, Not every computer repair shop is equipped or has the knowledge necessary to work on apple products and most repairs for apple computers and laptops are usually more expensive than their PC counterparts, make sure your computer tech has experience working on apple products.

At CSI we pride ourselves on being the best most knowledgeable Computer repair company in TX. Our prices are very competitive and our customers are always satisfied.

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